A New Book...

“The History of the

Chenango & Unadilla Telephone Company

-- And the Companies It Acquired--

As Told in Newspaper Articles”

---- Questions ----

---- And Answers ----

What is this book about?

This book contains a “Newspaper History” of the Chenango & Unadilla (C&U) Telephone Company of Norwich, NY, that is, a series of newspaper articles about the company which document its history.

Why the C&U?

Why not? C&U was the telephone company in my home town when I was a kid. I’ve always been interested in telephones. I’m retired. With the Covid-19 pandemic, I have had lots of extra time. This sounded like an interesting project, and it was.

How big is the book?

It measures 8-1/2 x 11, with soft covers and 152 pages. It is bound with a plastic comb binding so it opens flat.

What are the major sections?

There are a few pages of introductory material, then 4 pages of cross reference of telephone exchanges and acquired telephone companies, 54 pages in 4 sections about the C&U itself, then 103 pages in 29 sections from 1 to 4 pages each about the acquired companies.

Is an index included?

No, not at this time. It’s on my ‘to-do’ list. When the index is done, I will make it available through this web site for no charge.

When was the C&U formed?

The C&U Company was formed in 1922 from the merger of the Marquis Telephone and Telegraph Company of Norwich, The Union Telephone Company of Sidney and the New Berlin Telephone Company of New Berlin.

What dates does the book cover?

About the C&U itself: from when it was formed in 1922 through 1967 when it became a subsidiary of Continental Telephone and then the Continental reorganization in 1983 when the C&U identity was lost.

About the 29 acquired companies: the earlist from 1899 until the last was merged into C&U in 1968.

Did C&U really acquire 29 companies?

No, some were indirect: Company A was acquired by Company B, then Company B was acquired by C&U.

What are the 29 other companies?

See the Table of Contents in the sample pages below.

What types of articles are included?

Mainly about ‘milestones’ in company history. Like a company acquisition, change of ownership, major changes in service (e.g. a new switchboard or upgrading to dial service), and any with history of the company.

What types of articles are NOT included?

In the early days, just getting a phone would make the paper. Those items are not included. Nor are articles about rate changes, storm damage reports, employee changes (new operator, etc).

Is it all text? Does it contain any pictures?

2/3 of the pages are all text. There are quite a few pictures, more in the C&U section than for the smaller companies, including buildings purchased, new buildings built, some people, some work in progress, a couple of fires, a few advertisements.

Can I see some sample pages?

Sure, click HERE . Here is what you’ll see:

-- The cover page.

-- The Table of Contents (includes the names of the 29 acquired companies).

-- THe first page of the ‘Exchange / Company’ Cross Reference.

-- The first page of C&U text.

-- The newspaper page where the 2nd article was found (red boxes).

-- A page with a picture.

-- A few sample pages about acquired companies.

Where can I take a look at the book?

Copies are available (or will be soon) at

-- The Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court St., Norwich,

-- The Chenango County Historian, 43 Rexford St., Norwich, and

-- The Chenango County Historical Society, 45 Rexford St., Norwich.

It won’t be in book stores.

Can I get my own copy?

Yes, there are a few copies left. Click on the BUY NOW button below to purchase a copy online, or click on the BY MAIL button below to find an order form and instructions for ordering by mail.

What does a copy cost?

$20 + $8 shipping. For delivery in New York,  add 8% ($2.24) for Sales Tax.



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