Welcome to tomdef.com -- the home page for Tom DeForest and Dynamite Music of Endicott NY.  You may fairly ask why the name of the site is tomdef.com instead of something more related to Dynamite Music.  It turns out that the latter is a very common name for DJs and sound services so many variations of that name were already taken.  People have known me at work by my userid of tomdef for years and years.  And that name was available, so here we are. 


Dynamite Music has pretty much gone out of the sound and DJ businesses.

The links at the right will take you to a number of other relevant (or at least interesting) web sites and activities that I have been involved with.  While it may seem that I have not figured out what I want to be “when I grow up”, let me assure you that all of these directions are indeed related and each one logically sprang from another. 


Thanks for looking, tomdef ...

NBCS Class of 1964

Unadilla Valley Alumni Association


Landmarks by Tom DeForest


Endicott History &
 Heritage Center


Unadilla Valley Railway
Society & Museum
New Berlin NY


Book: Southern Tier Landmarks in Newspaper Articles


Book:  The Story of the Unadilla Valley Railroad as Told in Newspaper Articles


Book: The History of the Chenango & Unadilla Telephone Company as Told in Newspaper Articles

History Corner

Medbury-Neilson Fire

New Berlin Tavern Fire

New Berlin Historic District

Howard’s Story Corner

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