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“Southern Tier Landmarks In Newspaper Articles”

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What is the title of this book?

“Southern Tier Landmarks In Newspaper Articles”.

Who is the Author?

Tom DeForest. Contact him by email at .

To get back here, this web site is: .

What is this book about?

This book contains newspaper articles about the history of 35 different local landmarks in the Southern Tier.

Where is the Southern

Basically Broome County and vicinity in New York State. One story takes place in Tioga County, but it was too good not to include.

How big is the book?

It is actually 3 books.  Each measures 8-1/2 x 11, with soft covers and a transparent page at front and back to protect the covers. Each is bound with a plastic comb binding so it opens flat. Volumes 1 contains  296 pages, Volume 2 contains 314 pages and Volume 3 contains 300 pages. 

What are the 35 landmarks?

Click HERE to see a detailed list.

Is an index included?

No, there is no index.

What dates does the book cover?

The earliest newspaper article is from 1849. The latest one is from 1984.

What types of articles are included?

-- Long term plans
-- Major construction projects
-- Dedications
-- Grand Openings
-- Fires
-- Closings
-- Owner’s deaths

-- Other changes of ownership
-- Newspaper maps & pictures
-- Major progress reports
-- Bids, contracts awarded
-- Major crashes, accidents
-- Expansions
-- Significant advertisements

What types of articles are NOT included?

Financial status, minor status reports, controversies before the project is started, minor details that do not affect the final result.

Could I see a Sample Story?

Sure, click HERE to see the story about the Railroad House. This story is typical except that it is short and does not have any pictures among the newspaper articles.

Is it all text? Does it contain any pictures?

There are LOTS of pictures, not quite on every page, but many pages have more than one. But the bulk of the pictures are from newspapers, so quality is mediocre at best. Many articles have a “What Remains” picture, at much higher quality.

Where can I take a look at the book?

The Endicott Library has a copy (ask at the reference desk). Or contact the author by email at

These books will not be sold in book stores.

Can I get my own copy?

Yes. Click on the ORDER BY MAIL button below to find an order form and instructions for ordering by mail.

What does a copy cost?

$99 + $10 shipping for the set of 3 books (they are being sold only as a set). For delivery in New York,  add 8% ($8.72) for Sales Tax.

Are there any discounts?

Yes, there is a discounted price available for non-profits like libraries and historical associations. Email the author for specifics.

How long does it take to

 get a copy?

If we have them in stock, your package will go out the next day. If we have to have more printed, there could be a delay in shipping of up to 2 weeks.


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